I present masterclasses both 'live' globally, subject to travel restrictions, and by webinar. These can be part of an event, exhibition or conference, or standalone. My record to date is 21 masterclasses in 6 days in Beijing!

Topics of expertise include:

  • Bordeaux - I spent many years as an accredited International Bordeaux Wine Educator
  • Sherry - I am also an accredited Sherry Educator
  • Prosecco - particularly Conegliano Valdobbiadene
  • Wine production - viticulture and winemaking
  • Wine technology
  • Faults, flaws and taints - the subject of my latest book


Best book ever read on wine faults - highly recommend for wine makers

Google Reviewer

'Thank you for your wonderful article Keith. Your portrait of our terroir is simply perfect.'

Angelo Peretti, The Internet Gourmet

'We love your writing style. So full of poetry and clever insights.'

Alessandra Zambonin, Studio Cru

'Many thanks for your excellent presentation'

David Johnston, Civil Service Club

'The best presenter we have ever had'

Linda, Newark Wine Society