On-line Seminar: Wine Faults and Flaws

8 July 2021 7pm BST


Zoom Seminar

Learn how to identify faults and flaws in wine in this seminar. Are you ever unsure if wine is faulty, or if you simply don't like it?

Is mustiness in wine always caused by cork? Why might a wine smell of Elastoplast?

Are there faulty wines that exude excellence?

Why might a penny improve a glass of wine?

These and other questions will be answered in this on-line seminar. The presentation by Keith Grainger will be based on content from his new book 'Wine Faults and Flaws: A Practical Guide, published by Wiley-Blackwell.

The discussion of each fault will include what it is, in basic terms; how it can be detected in the glass; what the cause is; how it might be prevented; and whether an affected wine is treatable (and if so how).
So next time you are faced with a faulty wine, you will have the knowledge and confidence to return it, pour it down the sink, or maybe even drink it!

The seminar will last for 60 minutes, with time allowed for all your questions.

Cost: £5 (per device/log-in).


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