The Bordeaux Illusion at Bookham Wine Club


On 13th February 2023 I am presenting a perhaps controversial evening in Bookham. The Bordeaux Illusion takes a 'no holds barred' look at Bordeaux - i.e. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. When the consumer buys a bottle of Bordeaux they expect high quality - often this is an image that has cascaded down from the 'top quality' crus classés. I look at the reasons why Bordeaux became the largest 'fine wine region' in the world, and the problems it faces today. I consider the concept and validity of 'official classifications' including the recently reborn Crus Bourgeois and the hugely controversial Saint-Emilion classifications. You can expect a lively and controversial evening!

I understand the evening is almost sold out. However, if you wish to attend, please see: Bookham